The Art Of Deception In Advertising

We all know that the food we see on TV is never the result we get when we order it in real life. This is especially true at fast food restaurants, yet we still go back for more. Because on an advertisement, there is no way to give us a sample of what the item tastes like, they can only describe it, and show it. Because this is all they have to work with, they use every trick in the book to make these items look as appetizing as possible while still remaining true to its original form. This trick is not only used for food, but all types of products, services and even destinations and vacations.

This infographic, brought to you by Finances Online, breaks down some of the most clever, yet deceptive tricks companies use in advertising. You may be surprised by some of these, and by the lengths these companies will go through to get their products looking as appealing as possible.

The Art Of Deception In Advertising Infographic

Full Size: The Art Of Deception In Advertising Infographic

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