Sleeping Habits Of The Rich And Famous

We are all familiar with the ever so popular “get your 8 hours of sleep” quote. Although this is typically the suggested amount of sleep doctors recommend, it is often not what we tend to follow. Many of the Worlds past and present minds have their own unique sleep schedules. People like Donald Trump, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci and Thomas Edison all got under 3 hours of sleep a night. With minds this impactful, it makes you wonder if 8 hours of sleep really makes you more productive.

It is hard to argue for 8 hours of sleep when this large amount of time is eating up potential productivity time. The less we sleep, the more time we have to complete tasks, and stay productive. However, the feeling of being tired, and sleep may hinder performance. The most important thing is that we optimize our daily schedules to be as productive as possible, and to remain as healthy and energized as possible. Check out this infographic, brought to you by Big Brand Beds, and let us know how your sleep schedule aligns with these famous figures.

Sleeping Habits Of The Rich And Famous

Full Size: Sleeping Habits Of The Rich And Famous Infographic

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