Raising A Puppy: What To Expect The First Year

A puppy’s first year is a unique and special time. You might end up missing it so much that you’ll get another one! Even dogs of very different sizes can play surprisingly well together.

A large portion of the expenses will be concentrated toward the first few months, and by the end of the year the total cost of raising a puppy will likely approach $3000. Save up beforehand so you’re not taken by surprise. When your mind isn’t unnecessarily occupied with wondering how you’re going to pay the vet bills, you can just focus all your energy on having fun together! Check out the infographic below, brought to you by Tail Smart, to learn what to expect the first year of owning your new puppy.

Raising A Puppy What to expect The First Year Infographic

Full Size: Raising A Puppy: What To Expect The First Year Infographic

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