Raising A kitten: What To Expect The First Year

The first year with your kitten is an exciting and unforgettable time that only happens once… unless of course you get another! Kittens enjoy company. As long as you’re well prepared, it should be a wonderful time for both you and your furry friend.

Adding up all the necessities, the total cost of owning a kitten for the first year of his life will be up to $2000. A lot of the expenses will be concentrated toward the beginning of the year so it’s worth saving up before you rush into it. Worrying about vet bills is one thing all pet owners will tell you they could do without. Be prepared and it won’t be a problem. Then you can focus on just enjoying this special time together! Check out this infographic, brought to you by Tail Smart, to learn what to expect the first year of owning a kitten.

Raising A kitten What to expect The First Year Infographic

Full Size: Raising A kitten: What To Expect The First Year Infographic

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