Picking The Right Sock Pattern

Not every sock is for every guy—and chances are, if you feel uncomfortable rocking a pair of vibrantly colored socks in a trendy print, they aren’t the socks for you. We decided to create a breakdown of who might benefit most from which different kind of sock.

If you feel conservative on the inside, your outside probably reflects this. Sticking with classic prints and colors is probably the best bet if you enjoy blacks, grays, and navy blue hues and solid colors or traditional argyle. On the other hand, if you are killing it in the workplace and your job is in the extreme sports industry, you probably feel more at home in a pair of revolutionary socks that were made to break the mold.

This infographic, brought to you by Nice Laundry, will help you choose the right socks for your unique personality. Check out our favorite socks “Wild Child III”, and more HERE.

Picking The Right Sock Pattern Infographic

Picking The Right Sock Pattern Infographic

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