How To Know If It’s A Boy Or A Girl

You never know until you know, but many people think that there are subtle signs to tell if it is a girl, or a boy waiting to be born. If you are having a boy then some of the indications include having a heart beat of more than 140 per minute, an out front bulge, basketball looking belly, large and dark nipples, bright yellow color of the urine and having amazing looks and constantly glowing.

Some of the signs indicating a baby girl includes heart rate of less than 140 per minute, bulges in the back and the hips, watermelon looking belly, dull yellow urine color, breasts that are blossom and appearance less than normal.

Craving for salty and sour foods are known to be there in case of baby boy whereas sweets and orange juice cravings indicate baby girl. Another way to find out is by adding your current age to the month of perception and if the number comes in even then it is a boy and if it comes an odd number then it is considered to be a girl.

These are just some of the old “wife’s tales” of how to tell if it is a boy or a girl. Check out the infographic below, brought to  you by The Pregnancy Zone, to help you determine if it’s a boy or a girl!

How To Know If It's A Boy Or A Girl

Full Size: How To Know If It’s A Boy Or A Girl Infographic

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