Divorce in America

Approximately 50% of all marriages end in divorce, with one divorce every 13 seconds. Many researchers have devoted their efforts to trying to pinpoint the major reasons couples get divorced, and which demographics have the highest divorce rates. Research shows that people who are on their third marriage or above have a significantly higher chance of getting divorced, than individuals who are getting married for the first time.

Studies have shown that some common factors among couples who file for divorce include: unequal division of labor at home, friendships with other individuals who are also divorced, one person is a smoker and their partner isn’t, and meeting each other at a bar. On the other hand, people are less likely to get divorced if they have kids, were older than 25 when they got married, and have a college education.

Divorce is an event that affects entire families — especially children. Children from single-parent families are more likely to live below the poverty level, and struggle academically in school. Social scientists believe that divorce has significant physical, emotional, and financial effects on children that can last well into adulthood and even affect future generations of family members.

This infographic by Instant Checkmate reveals some shocking statistics regarding divorce in America.

Divorce in America Infographic

Full Size: Divorce in America Infographic

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