9 Graphic Design Trends for 2015

Although there are a lot of elements that can make a great design, this infographic enumerates and describes the top 9 which are essential in achieving a look that is representative of the coming trends for this year. In 2015, flat design is in and is already used by big companies. Borrowing from Swiss, Minimalist, and Bauhaus, this design forsakes dimensionality and will most likely use bright pastel colors. In terms of layout, Grid, which celebrates geometry and precision, will be used on more and more websites,

The loud, funky and brightly colored elements, and short quirky slogans of Kpop, which has boomed during the past few years, will be the choice for embellishments, mixed with non-traditional, custom and handwritten fonts which will be the rage, thanks to the rise of free typekits like Google fonts.

Stock photos are out, and illustrations are in, as well as the use of single shades of solid colors. Both taking an inspiration from the past, seemingly opposite designs – the zany color-ways and flowery classic detailing of paisley pop, and the heavily geometric pixel play will both be favored for this year. This infographic, brought to you by Card Printing, maps out the 9 graphic design trends for 2015.

9 Graphic Design Trends for 2015

Full Size: 9 Graphic Design Trends for 2015 Infographic

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