12 Essential Wine Hacks

Many of us love a glass or two of our favorite wine every now and then, perhaps at the weekend or with a nice meal. Others drink it on a regular basis with most meals. We can’t deny that wine drinking is a big part of our culture and lifestyle, an enjoyable treat and even a hobby for some. But there are times when we need some simple solutions to problems only wine drinkers will appreciate.

You may recognize some of these familiar issues: How do I open my wine without a corkscrew? What shall I do with leftover wine? How can I chill it faster? Can I improve a bottle of cheap wine? You may have your own solutions to some of these, but Appliance City found some of the simplest and most creative wine hacks to help out wine lovers everywhere. Check out the infographic below.

12 Essential Wine Hacks Infographic

Full Size: 12 Essential Wine Hacks Infographic

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